11th Women & Leadership

Improve your leadership style and build on your strengths to achieve maximum success
Date: June 3, 4 & 5, 2014
Location: Toronto
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- Hear inspirational presentations by top-ranking women executives, as they share their career and leadership tips

- Uncover strategies to guarantee professional advancement while achieving greater work-life balance

- Build your professional confidence by enhancing key leadership skills and techniques

- Discover the leadership competencies you need to succeed in today's workplace

Why Attend?

As a corporate executive, vice-president or director, you know the importance of developing your leadership skills. Whether it is communicating, negotiating, networking, managing your career path or achieving work-life balance, there are core competencies you must master in order to lead successful organizations while accelerating your own professional growth.

As a woman, you also know how tough it can be to climb the corporate ladder. Indeed, the key grievance for women today is no longer the challenge of entering the workforce, but rather their very visible under-representation within a company's senior ranks.

Moving forward, there is a growing support for the business case for diversity, which asserts that organizations that recruit, retain and advance women will have a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. In fact, companies with a higher representation of women in senior management positions have been shown to financially outperform companies with proportionally fewer women at the top.

While increasing the number of women at the senior level will not happen overnight, leading organizations will continue to strive to create corporate cultures that are supportive of talented women's goals and career aspirations

Federated Press' 11th Annual Women & Leadership Summit will build on the success of its forerunners and feature key insights gained by top-ranking women executives as they discuss:

- Best practices for developing leadership skills and preparing for a position of power

- Career management strategies

- Best practices for attracting, managing and advancing talented women employees

- Key skills: negotiation techniques, communication tools, networking skills

Participating organizations include: Ainsworth Inc., BMO Financial Group, Canadian Blood Services, CBC Television, CI Financial Inc., Cossette Communications, Future Electronics Inc., Granite Global Solutions, Hill+Knowlton Strategies,Home Depot of Canada Inc., HZX Business Continuity Planning, Intact Financial Corporation, Metrolinx, Microsoft, my HR coach, NATIONAL Public Relations Inc., Ministry of the Attorney General,Municipal Property Assessment Corporation(MPAC), Orvana Minerals Corp., Reisman Law Offices, Ryerson University, Sears Canada Inc., Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc., St. Mary’s General Hospital, The DATA Group, Vetoquinol, Xerox Canada Inc.

We at Federated Press are particularly proud of both the faculty level and the topics to be discussed at this event and we look forward to three days of sharing, learning and network building.

P.S. Don't miss our practical workshops complete with three dynamic coaching clinics as well as an interactive session on Becoming an Exceptional Leader.


Leadership Development & Excellence
Deborah Rosati, Corporate Director & Advisor, Sears Canada Inc.
Power of Mentoring

Françoise Guénette, Senior Vice-President, Corporate & Legal Services & Secretary, Intact Financial Corporation

Lorraine Blair, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, CI Financial Inc.

Don't go it alone. Learn how mentoring can contribute to your success and the success of your organization. Françoise and Lorraine are passionate about mentoring and will speak from personal experience with examples to illustrate the power of mentoring.

What should you look for in a mentor and how do you manage that relationship?

What are the mentee's roles and responsibilities?

Do you mentor based on your personal style or adjust your approach for the person you are mentoring?

Realizing the power you have as a mentor and using it appropriately

Realizing what you can gain from mentoring

Beyond Lip Service: Advancing the Diversity Conversation

Noëlle Richardson, Chief Diversity Officer, Agencies, Ministry of the Attorney General

How do we advance the conversation around diversity and inclusion? How do we ensure we’re not having the same challenges fifty years from now? Raising the bar on the diversity conversation, including about women, requires us to broaden our frames of reference of the term diversity. This session will focus on the leadership qualities essential in an increasingly globalized, complex work environment.

Understanding how a changing environment requires a change in leadership style

Overcoming stereotypes and biases in the workplace

Uncovering the qualities needed to become tomorrow’s leaders

Developing emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills

Women & Governance: Practical Advice to Women Aspiring to Board Directorships

Deborah Rosati, Corporate Director & Advisor, Sears Canada Inc.

The progress of Canadian women holding corporate board positions has been slow and incremental at best. Yet increasing gender diversity on boards should be a priority for companies aiming to remain competitive in the global marketplace. This presentation will examine practical strategies on how women in executive positions should prepare themselves to be eligible for positions on public company boards.

Recruiting corporate directors from among women in executive positions

Director recruitment process: nominations committees, recruitment firms versus an informal referral system among directors

Women’s value-add to corporate boards

Facilitating the readiness of women for board positions

Encouraging boards to recruit qualified women for board seats

Disciplines for Success: Principles and Characteristics of Influential Leadership

Ingrid Suurman, Vice President Corporate Services & CFO, St. Mary’s General Hospital

The concept of leadership is evolving, with a style that depends on influencing, rather than commanding. An influential leadership style is suited to the dispersed, networked nature of many businesses today, where informal leadership through influence develops relationships that shape thinking and gather support. This session will focus on the principles and characteristics of effective influential leadership.

Developing your abilities to influence

Influential leadership practices for best results

Gaining commitment and building partnerships

Influencing strategies

Establishing and leading successful teams and building strategic working relationships

12:30-1:30 Lunch
Women at their Best
Sophia L. Levy-Presner, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, Granite Global Solution
Community Leadership

Leslie Woo, Vice President, Policy, Planning and Innovation, Metrolinx

Critical skills needed for career advancement and success in the business community can be developed and honed through volunteerism. As well, volunteerism is consistent with the goals of corporate social responsibility. This session examines the benefits of volunteerism for women and how it can contribute to overall personal development and growth.

The benefits of volunteerism for women

Personal development, growth and contribution as one aspect of a balanced career

The role volunteerism can play in your organization’s CSR efforts

Volunteerism as a cost-effective tool for career development and training

Power skills gained from volunteer activities

Leading in Man’s World

Sophia L. Levy-Presner, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, Granite Global Solutions

Alysia Carter,Chief Financial Officer at Ainsworth Inc.

Though merit-based objectivity should be the determining factor for climbing the corporate ladder, women still face unique challenges that can impede their rise through corporate ranks. In this case study session, Sophia L. Levy-Presner and Alysia Carter will draw on their experience to provide insight into how to not only survive, but flourish as a woman in today’s business world.

Essential qualities for women in leadership

Obstacles encountered on road to success

Keys to achieving your professional and personal goals

Are opportunities increasing for women executives in today’s business world?

Effective Leadership Communication

Tonie Chaltas, Chief Operating Officer, Hill+Knowlton Strategies

One of the most effective ways for women to project confident leadership is through clear and persuasive communications. This presentation will share tried-and-true principles for overcoming communication obstacles and ensuring that your communication skills are just as powerful and positive as your talents and abilities.

Reassessing your assumptions about how you communicate

Tips for projecting clarity and inspiring confidence

Delivering your message with empathy and your personal touch

Ensuring continuity between your visual and verbal messages

Dealing effectively with missteps and errors

Leading & Living The Brand

Judy Holcomb-Williams, Vice President Human Resources, The DATA Group

As women leaders, we are each charged with leading our corporate brand, winning and retaining customers and delivering on the brand’s promise. And as women we often bring a fresh and unique perspective to branding, one that needs to be inculcated within the corporate culture. This discussion will explore effective strategies as well as the particular sensitivities that women leaders can bring to the fore when leading and living the brand.

Incorporating the emotional intelligence that women bring to leadership into the branding process

The importance, as women leaders, of being able to connect people at an emotional level to the brand so they can live it in an authentic way

Understanding our own values as women leaders and how we align our values with that of the organization to bring our brand and our culture to life

How the emotional intelligence we bring to the role allows us to connect at a values level, but can also create challenges if our personal values don't mesh with the company's values

Strategies and Skills for Successful Leaders
Stacey Karpman, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Strategic Planning and Human Resources, Future Electronics Inc.
Negotiation Tips & Techniques for Achieving Success

Daniella Dimitrov, Chief Financial Officer, Orvana Minerals Corp.

Negotiating is a skill that women will need to use throughout their careers to achieve success, whether it is in the form of a formal intense negotiation session or an impromptu conversation at work. Success at getting what you want from negotiations can be made easier if you know the pitfalls ahead of time. This discussion will examine best practices in planning for negotiations.

The role that individual personalities can play in negotiations

Planning for a negotiation session

Forging long-term relationships with clients, staff, vendors and management to facilitate negotiations

Negotiating for more recognition and respect

Leadership Style: How Do Women Lead Differently than Men?

Cindy Benning, Head, Industrial and Quality Operations, Vetoquinol and Founder of Dragonfly Insights

Many gender-based researchers suggest that women bring a different style of leadership that stems from differences in how they work with subordinates, their networking style, how they share information, and how they communicate. This session will examine whether women have a different leadership style than men and how it affects their career path.

Should women approach their career path differently?

How can women use their different leadership style to add value?

How do organizations recognize and benefit from different styles of leadership?

What style of leadership works best?

How do men respond to a female leadership style?

Have You Found Your Passion?

Dorothy A. Quann, Vice-president; General Counsel; Corporate Secretary, Xerox Canada Inc.

Sarah Qadeer, Director, Legal Canada, Home Depot of Canada Inc.

In order to achieve professional and personal success, you need to do what you love and love what you are doing. To rise to a position of leadership in today’s competitive environment, an unrelenting focus and passion for your work is paramount. This discussion will explore key factors to building a fulfilling career.

Finding your passion is a journey for discovery

Honing your personal strengths and abilities

Identifying your passion and riding it to success

Tips for overcoming obstacles in your career journey

Finding balance and fulfillment in life and career

Entrepreneural Leadership

Melanie Dunn, President, Montreal, Cossette Quebec

Growing numbers of women are becoming leaders of their own businesses or leaders of fast growing organizations. In order to achieve success, well-grounded entrepreneurial thinking is an invaluable asset. This discussion provides insights into leadership strategies for achieving success.

Key factors in successful entrepreneurial leadership

How to get support in building their business

Role of gender in entrepreneurial leadership education and training

Methods for strengthening executive leadership skills

Women entrepreneurs’ characteristics

Barriers and conflicts encountered by women business owners and leaders

Networking Skills: Achieving Success Through Collaboration

Fariba Anderson,Chief Information Officer and VP Information Services,MPAC

Nicole McNeill,CFO and VP Corporate Service, MPAC

Networking is an effective career-building tool that, if executed properly, can go a long way in establishing and reinforcing your personal brand. This presentation will explore methods for dramatically improving your networking skills, providing you with practical tips.

The power of personal connections and community engagement to build your personal brand

Using networking as a career and business building tool for women business leaders

Affinity networking through associations and groups

Tips for improved networking online: use of social media

Leveraging strategic business relationships through collaboration

12:30-1:30 Lunch
Overcoming Challenges and Lessons Learned
Stacey Karpman, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Strategic Planning and Human Resources, Future Electronics Inc.
Panel: Achieving Effective Work-Life Balance

Kelly Harper, Director Customer Experience Learning, BMO Financial Group

Hatty Reisman, Founder of Reisman Law Offices

Ann Wyganowski, Vice-President, HZX Business Continuity Planning

Personal time management skills are critical in reaching your full potential both at work and at home, as women in leadership often have work-life choices to make. Personal time management skills are key. This presentation will explore strategies for achieving a better work-life balance.

Unique challenges women face reconciling their work and personal lives

Creating a work-life strategy and action plan

Adjusting mindset: deciding what is important and effectively delegating the not-so-important

Clarifying priorities: individual challenges and degree of importance

Practical tips and advice for achieving better work-life balance, health and well-being

Latest trends in work-life initiatives geared for women in the workplace

Negotiating … our least favourite and most critical skill

Susan Kelly, Senior Director, Business & Rights, CBC English Services

This session will explore approaches and perspectives on negotiating, with a focus on de-mystifying and de-stressing this much maligned capability. The extent to which we are able to achieve success - at work, at home, or anywhere else while nurturing positive and productive relationships - rests on our skills and confidence in negotiating. This session explores:

What negotiating is – and isn’t

Why most of us hate negotiating

Why we need to be good negotiators

How to become an effective negotiator

Having fun negotiating

Key Strategies to Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence

Caroline Charter, General Manager Latin America Operations, Microsoft

The most effective leaders are those who are aware of their own emotions and who have the ability to understand the emotions of others. This panel discussion will share insights from the field of neuroscience to aid in the development of a higher level of emotional intelligence.

Understanding how the way you manage your emotions affects your job performance and career success

Managing your own emotions and remaining in control even in the most challenging workplace situations

Identifying your emotional triggers and changing how you react to high-stress situations

Being Your Own Exceptional Leader

Joanna Wilson, Vice President and Practice Lead, Healthcare, NATIONAL Public Relations

Mahatma Gandhi wrote: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” To be an exceptional leader, truly, is to be a “happy” leader. The question is then: how do we assure happiness in leadership, not only for our teams, but our places of work, and ourselves? This session will focus on the business case for authentic leadership, and how we can each come to define our own path to exceptional leadership. The discussion will explore:

Leading with your inner voice (so that others can find theirs)

Why it’s OK to lead from the heart

The importance of leadership purpose

The biases that still hold female leaders back – and how to overcome them


Optional workshops:
Coaching Clinic: Three Interactive Sessions to Enhance Your Leadership Style

Pauline V. Port, Chief Financial Officer and VP of Corporate Services, Canadian Blood Services

Judy G. Naiberg, VP, Legal & Business Affairs, Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.

Wendy Cukier, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Ryerson University

Clinic A: . How Women Deal With Workplace Conflict Pauline V. Port, Chief Financial Officer and VP of Corporate Services, Canadian Blood Services As the number of women in the leadership ranks has grown, there has been a noticeable shift in how workplace conflicts are being handled. This session will discuss how women leaders can deal constructively with workplace conflict.

Clinic B: Navigating Career Changes

Judy G. Naiberg, VP, Legal & Business Affairs, Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.

As women leaders, we recognize the need to be adaptable in the face of change, finding a way or blazing a new path to make the most of opportunities. Career progression is a voyage of discovery, and this presentation will share experiences and insights into navigating the twists and turns of a career of change. This session will explore the practical considerations that go into career choices and changes.

Capitalizing on opportunities to broaden experience

How do you transfer experience and skills to different sectors?

Continuous development: demonstrating acumen and competence in a new realm

Deepening your networks and support systems

Lessons learned to enhance leadership and mentor effectiveness

" Clinic C: Creating Conditions for the Next Generation Wendy Cukier, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, Ryerson University There is no denying the importance of the role that women leaders are now playing or the impact that they are having in today’s corporate world. However the road to leadership is still not an easy path for most young women. This session will examine the challenges being faced by up and coming women leaders and provide insight into how to shape your leadership styles by playing to your strengths. - Challenges in establishing authority in young female leaders - What can be done to encourage leadership positions to the younger generation - What role can technology play in promoting female leadership - Identifying the unique challenges facing young female leaders today - Tools used in developing financial literacy and independence among young women - Responding to the demands for new working arrangements and environments for millennials "
Workshop: Becoming an Exceptional Leader by Leveraging Your Natural Talents & Strengths

Francis Hartman, Chief Consultant, my HR coach

The world in which we live in today is ambiguous, complex and fast-moving. Leading in this environment requires a different set of skills than those required in previous decades. Gone are the days of the heroic, all-powerful leader. Today’s leaders require the ability to deal with complexity and a multitude of tasks, and to work cooperatively and innovatively. However, all too often such strengths are not legitimized through leadership development programs. Leaders often do not truly develop their strengths and instead strive to be that superhuman ideal. By helping to recognize and leverage strengths, women can realize previously untapped leadership capacity. This dynamic and interactive workshop will help participants explore this notion in more depth. In particular, this workshop will help participants:

Understand the difference between traditional and current models of leadership and the implications for development

Recognize how to develop and leverage talent through innovative leadership development initiatives

Examine the link between leadership development and organizational transformation

Explore how organizational culture can impede or enhance the development of effective leaders

" Francis Hartman is a seasoned Human Resources Executive and Chief Consultant at my HR coach. In her former role as Vice President of Human Resources at Caesars Windsor she was responsible for strategic business planning and management of the Human Resources function. She has been a Vice President Human Resources for Sleeman Breweries Limited (Guelph, Ontario) and Home Trust Company (Toronto, Ontario). Ms. Hartman has served as an instructor with Wilfrid Laurier University and Everest College. She now helps organizations develop effective leadership development and change management strategies, as well as helping them to manage the overall HR function. "


Participating organizations include: Ainsworth Inc., BMO Financial Group, Canadian Blood Services, CBC Television, CI Financial Inc., Cossette Communications, Future Electronics Inc., Granite Global Solutions, Hill+Knowlton Strategies,Home Depot of Canada Inc., HZX Business Continuity Planning, Intact Financial Corporation, Metrolinx, Microsoft, my HR coach, NATIONAL Public Relations Inc., Ministry of the Attorney General,Municipal Property Assessment Corporation(MPAC), Orvana Minerals Corp., Reisman Law Offices, Ryerson University, Sears Canada Inc., Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc., St. Mary’s General Hospital, The DATA Group, Vetoquinol, Xerox Canada Inc.

Who should attend

Senior Executives, Vice-Presidents, Directors, Senior Managers and other professionals interested in improving their skills in: leadership, conflict resolution, work-life balance, negotiations, business communications, networking and the development and m


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